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Choose Your Path.

What do I want to do
with my life?

“Life is a matter of choices and
every choice you make makes you.”

— John C. Maxwell


We’ll help you answer the big questions.

Mount Ellis Academy offers an experience you’ll always remember, and we want to tell you more about it... 

An MEA education will prepare for the academic, spiritual, and life challenges you will face in college and beyond. We start with a rigorous academic curriculum. Then we integrate our thoughtful religion and ministry program. Plus, you’ll find an excellent mix of sports, arts, music, science, and history.

And, you’ll make lifelong friends. Lots of them. You are going to love your life at Mount Ellis Academy.

Picking a high school is a big deal.

Read on and learn more about MEA.


This is life in the classroom.

“Look deep into nature, and then you
will understand everything better”

— Albert Einstein


Outstanding teachers and engaging classes are the core of what makes our academic program so strong, but there’s something more.

At Mount Ellis Academy, learning is centered on the discovery of your natural gifts.  Every effort is made to help you identify your strengths and reach your potential.

The academic program at Mount Ellis Academy is designed to prepare you for college. Like you, we have high standards, and we work hard to make every learning activity engaging and fun. You’ll spend a lot of time outdoors in God’s classroom, and small class sizes guarantee that everyone will know your name.

MEA students score above average on all those standardized tests, but even more important is that, in many cases, students use their academic accomplishments to serve others. Graduates can be found all over the globe working in engineering, education, medicine, and more.


There's always lots to do.

"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads." — Henry David Thoreau


Mount Ellis Academy has athletic, music, and travel programs you will love.

Both programs are designed to glorify God give Him pleasure AND help you to reach your potential.

Varsity athletic programs are available for both boys and girls. These competitive teams are dedicated teaching discipline, teamwork, and respect for both teammates and opponents.

The outstanding music program includes a choir and elite traveling choir, handbells, and a course in music appreciation. You’ll also find talented teachers for private lessons in voice and instruments.

Learning at Mount Ellis Academy comes with a global flavor. Students expand their minds and experience new cultures through optional international learning tours. On recent trips, students have felt the gravity of the beaches of Normandy, been awed by the architecture of Paris, and inspired by Biblical sites in Greece.


What will you do in your Free Time?

"God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars." — Martin Luther


You’ll never be bored at Mount Ellis Academy.

Students stay busy with friends, fun, and work. Catch a meal with friends in our delicious vegetarian cafe, enjoy worship, go for a bike ride on beautiful nearby roads and trails, or go skiing with other students at one of the many local ski areas.  The list goes on and on.

Between study, work, worship, and recreation, you’ll find awesome opportunities to learn, grow, and make lifelong friends. You’ll even make friends from all over the world. Students travel to MEA from China, Pakistan, Korea, Brazil and more.

You’ll love the recently remodeled dorm. The comfortable rooms are furnished with a bunk bed, desk, dressers, and a walk-in closet. You can meet your friends in the cozy lobby, rec room, and worship space.

There’s so much to do! The list includes varsity and intramural sports; Hiking and rock climbing; Student Government; Talent Shows; Community Service; Mission Trips; Music Tours; Art Club; Wilderness Trips; and lots of skiing. Let’s go!


Yes, we have our own ski area!

MEA has operated the Bear Canyon Ski area — about four miles from campus — since 1959. We have a T-bar lift, three runs, and lights for night skiing every Wednesday and Saturday. We have a beautiful lodge for worship, get-togethers with friends and yummy snacks too.


Life in heaven right now.

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else. — C. S. Lewis


Jesus made it clear that you should live in the Kingdom of Heaven and the here and now.

There is no greater outlet for youthful passion than service to the poor. All MEA students serve their community. Students assist with blood drives, hospice, children’s programs, and more.

MEA students have also brought relief to a hurricane-devastated island in Honduras, built schools and churches in Mexico and Guatemala, and a youth camp in Peru. They’ve preached in the Philippines and Bolivia. They’ve assisted doctors and dentists at remote field clinics in some of the poorest countries of the world.

Most Mount Ellis Academy students have developed a life-long heart for service and missions because of the opportunities they’ve had during their academy years.

In our community, you’ll find many opportunities for worship too. We organize small groups, a prayer ministry, Friday night worship programs, praise and worship teams, a wonderful student week of prayer, and regular dorm worship.


Ten things that really matter.

Your life should be about finding the intersection of the world’s greatest need and your greatest passion. — Michael Lee, MEA Principal


Ten things that really matter...

  1. Spirituality — Being an MEA student means examining not only the world around you — but your place in it.

  2. Academics — MEA life is an endless feast for your mind. Your teachers are ready to inspire and find your talents.

  3. Making a Difference — MEA students are changing the world. You’ll volunteer in the community and love doing it.

  4. Campus Community — Life is so much fun. You’ll live together, learn together, laugh together, and care for one another.

  5. Connection — Every student is paired with a family for fun, fellowship, and pets. We love pets too.

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  7. See the World — You’ll see, study, and serve the world! Study abroad or join one of many mission trips.

  8. Place — Water, mountains, a beautiful campus, a great town, and skiing. Have we mentioned skiing?

  9. Athletics — Your brain won’t be the only thing getting stronger. You’ll find lots of chances for you to get involved.

  10. You — Teachers and staff will know your name, and everywhere you go there are people you know.


Here's the best part — you can afford it.

Young people need to be helped, uplifted, and encouraged. — Ellen White


In the last two decades, every family who has wished for an MEA education has had their dream come true.

Sure, private education can be expensive, but it is the very best investment you can make in your future and the future of your kids. We understand that. And, that's why we have a plan to assist every family.

Here’s what we can do to help:

  • We offer many, many, scholarships.

  • Remember, you can work to earn $1,000 or more during summer break, and you can make $2,600 on-campus during the school year. Over four years, you can make $14,400 or much more.

  • We offer a variety of discounts for prepayment, siblings enrolled, and more.

Let’s get creative. We can make this work! If scholarships, student labor, and discounts aren't enough, we are also known to get creative to find a way to make Mount Ellis Academy work for every student.



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